History of Imparja Cup

The first Imparja match was held on Australia Day in 1994 after discussions with Indigenous cricketers Shane and Mervyn Franey from Alice Springs and Ross Williams from Tennant Creek.

These gentlemen wished to host an annual cricket match between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek, to promote Indigenous cricket in the Northern Territory and to enjoy a cricket match with family and friends.

In 1998 Shane Franey and Ross Williams approached NT Cricket to seek assistance in organising the logistics of the game. Following these discussions, NT Cricket commenced their support of the competition and shortly after Cricket Australia also
provided assistance to the Imparja Cup and officially recognised the event as a National Competition.

In 2001, the competition was expanded to include other teams with Katherine, Darwin and Tasmania joining Tennant Creek and Alice Springs in the Cup.

2002 saw the first State and Territories match take place with a combined Northern Territory team prevailing over Tasmania. The existing “Major Centres” competition continued with Katherine, Darwin , Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

Further States joined in 2003, with New South Wales winning the Men’s State and Territory Division.

In 2004, the Major Centres Division was split into two, creating what we now know as the Communities Division. A Women’s Division also commenced.

2008 saw the Women’s Division split to invite State and Territory teams as well as Communities, forming all 5 of our current Divisions.

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