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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1113833899152112063398621113Tyran EggmolesseQueensland2020NICC - Men's Division1 1Tasmania
2108833899152112063398639108Tyran EggmolesseQueensland2020NICC - Men's Division6 1Western Australia
38728885915211208339862387Callan MorseTasmania2020NICC - Men's Division2 1Western Australia
47227349115211206339862872Preston WhiteQueensland2020NICC - Men's Division3 1South Australia
57283389915211206339862872Tyran EggmolesseQueensland2020NICC - Men's Division3 1South Australia
67128885915211208339863771Callan MorseTasmania2020NICC - Men's Division5 1South Australia
76393546115211208339862363*Brodie HayesTasmania2020NICC - Men's Division2 1Western Australia
85817512415211202339862558Tyran LiddiardNew South Wales2020NICC - Men's Division2 1South Australia
95583076115211210339862855Tanner CoulthardSouth Australia2020NICC - Men's Division3 1Queensland
105428751715211210339862854Ayden McGregor - BaptistaSouth Australia2020NICC - Men's Division3 1Queensland
115474678315211202339864354*Ben PattersonNew South Wales2020NICC - Men's Division7 1Queensland
12526236715211202339861952Pat K RosserNew South Wales2020NICC - Men's Division1 1Northern Territory
135186140715211204339863551Damon T EganVictoria2020NICC - Men's Division5 1Northern Territory
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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